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What is OZC?

OZC is a new generation of Blockchain platform using the multilayered O-DPoS consensus algorithm,
ability to quickly process transactions at near zero cost.

Multilayer Master Node

O-DPoS (Open - Delegated Proof of Stake) is composed of multiple clusters of hierarchized master nodes with a central master node cluster consisting of 21 master nodes and unlimited secondary master node clusters. Thus creating a possibility of infinite expansion.

Analytical Stream Processing

The transactions were analyzed for each different master node to be processed at the same time. Then the common data after a fixed time is a template to help the general system to avoid being loaded when processing large volumes of transactions.


OZC is built with EVM compatibility, so it will support all Dapps operating on Ethereum with faster transaction processing time and nearly zero cost.Furthermore, OZC also enables multi-chain interoperability, which makes it easier to scale Dapps.

Master Node

Problem & Solution

Blockchain will definitely be an important technology to be widely applied in the future
and bring great value to society.
However, there are still many problems to be solved.


The transaction processing speed is slow, the low processing volume, not suitable for applying in areas that require the ability to handle large and fast transaction volumes.

Due to the small transaction processing capability, the platforms are often congested and create auction races for transaction fees and unreasonably high transaction fees.

Consuming too many useless resources by the PoW consensus algorithm, creating many consequences in terms of affecting the living environment, increasing negative climate change.



O-DPoS (Open - Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm for unlimited transaction processing scalability in an average time of only 3 seconds.

The low almost zero transaction fees are made possible by the large transaction processing capacity and OZC native token allocation method that rewards long-running Master Node clusters

Saving energy and protecting the environment is one of the biggest goals of OZC as well as the greatest value of the O-DPoS consensus algorithm.



The starting idea of O-DPoS consensus algorithm was started at the end of 2018
and OZC is gradually being perfected to be widely used.

October 2018
building ideas
February 2019
Start a team &
build a project
April 2021
Called Angel capital
3 millions USD
July 2021
Open ICO & AirDrop Coming soon
January 2022
Testnet launched
February 2022
OZC Distribution
& Listing Exchange
August 2022
Mainnet launched
Expand the development
ecosystem Dapp


OZC is the original coin of Blockchain platform OZC,
it brings operating energy to the entire system and ecosystem.

Coin Image


To operate the OZC Blockchain platform, we have created an original coin called OZC to pay transaction fees and reward the activities of Master Node.

Total supply: 200.000.000 OZC

Symbol: OZC

Decimal number: 6

Token type: Original Token

Token stats


Allocation of OZC is also a strategy to help OZC achieve its goal
of decentralization and create a community that loves and builds a sustainable ecosystem.

Detailed Allocation

65% of OZC will be distributed to the community through the AirDrop program and ICO combined with the goal of creating a community of more than 2,000,000 users who hold OZC.

20% of OZC is allocated to the bonus fund for Master Node clusters within the first 5 years before transaction fees are sufficient to maintain and become profitable.

7% of OZC is used to donate to experts and advisors involved in operating and developing the platform. This amount of OZC is locked and distributed every 3 months for 5 years

8% of OZC is used to reward the team that founded, developed and operated the platform. This amount of OZC is locked and distributed every 3 months for 5 years

Pre-Sale & Values


We are currently opening an ICO for OZC native token,
all funds collected to build and develop technical infrastructure and ecosystem for OZC.

  • $1.1391
  • $1.7086
  • $2.5629
  • |
  • |
  • |
Sold: 2,393,988/10,000,000

The ICO sale program for OZC Token is held for 1 year from July 10, 2021 to July 9, 2022. It is distributed over 12 block corresponding to 12 months. .

  • Number of block: 12 block
  • Increase price/cycle:: 50%
  • Current block: 07
  • Current token price: $1.1391
  • Next token price: $1.7086
  • Accept: BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Minimum purchase: $50.00
  • Maximum purchase: $50,000.00
  • Delivery time: July 10, 2022
  • Listing time: February 8, 2022


OZC Smart Chain was built by a team of enthusiastic founders from many countries around the world. With the goal of building a completely decentralized Blockchain platform and not depending on any one individual, the founding team is completely anonymous. When officially starting operations from February 2022, OZC Smart Chain will operate with 21 CEOs elected by OZC Coin holders. Anyone who owns OZC Coin and is supported by the community can coordinate the OZC Smart Chain.



Below are frequently asked questions and official answers
from OZC that make it easy for anyone to find information.

OZC is a new generation Blockchain platform operating by O-DPoS (Open - Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm with the ability to scale many secondary Master Node clusters synchronized with 1 central Master Node cluster, helping to fast and low-cost transaction processing. In theory, OZC can handle more than 1 million transactions per second and is scalable to infinity.
There are 5 main problems that OZC solves:
1. Transaction processing speed
2. Fast transaction processing
3. Low transaction fees
4. Build user-friendly solutions
5. Minimize the consumption of energy and equipment to protect the environment and prevent waste.
OZC has three things that make the difference and the success of the project:
1. Green solution: instead of using the PoW consensus, it wastes too much unnecessary energy, wastes resources and materials, and also impacts the environment. OZC uses the O-DPoS consensus algorithm as the leading OZC research and development team to save energy and reduce unnecessary, safer environmental costs.
2. High and low transaction processing efficiency: With multi-group consensus transaction processing capability O-DPoS Master Node. OZC can manage a transaction volume in excess of 100 thousand per transaction at a near-zero cost.
3. Strong community: OZC is currently one of the largest projects with millions of users worldwide participating in the company and promotion. By coming to OZC, everyone can be given the opportunity to receive the greatest advantages and bring great value to society.
O-DPoS consensus algorithm (Open - Delegated Proof of Stake) means open delegated proof of stake. This is a consensus algorithm built by the OZC team and developed from the DPoS consensus algorithm.
The DPoS consensus algorithm is a model operated by a single Master Node cluster, so the system will be limited by the ability to process transactions and synchronize data, it is almost impossible to scale the processing capacity, causing congestion when there is a large transaction volume and an increase in transaction validation costs.
With O-DPoS, the system is operated by a central Master Node cluster that is able to link with other Master Node clusters, thereby threading transactions for the Master Node clusters to process concurrently and synchronously data by the central Master Node cluster at a fixed time interval.
OZC is a Blockchain platform built on technology and open source codes of previous Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano... to create a new generation Blockchain platform that solves problems Existing topic of the Blockchain economy. The most optimal solution of current Blockchain platforms and the trend of Open Source in the field of technology in general is to inherit technology and develop in its own direction.
Currently, OZC technology team is deploying Testnet and is expected to publicize the Testnet system in January 2022. After OZC and the community and partners successfully test the Testnet system, it will public and use the Mainnet system, the expected time of public Mainnet is August 2022.
The ICO program for OZC is scheduled to take place from July 15, 2021 to July 14, 2022. Official information will be updated on the website www.ozc.org and OZC's social media channels.
The total amount of OZC Coin issued is 200,000,000 OZC. The initial expected selling price of OZC is $0.1/ 1 OZC.
After the ICO sale, all unsold OZC Coins will be locked into the Smart Contract and evenly distributed within 20 years to reward the system operations of the Master Node clusters.
Official information will be updated on the website www.ozc.org and OZC's social media channels.
During the implementation of the ICO for OZC, we have 2 main reward programs:
1. Get free $10 to buy OZC when you sign up as a member at OZC
2. Referring members to buy ICO will receive a commission
Official information will be updated on the website www.ozc.org and OZC's social media channels.

for a better world

OZC wishes to bring a green Blockchain platform, protect the environment, minimize the waste of resources and futile energy.

At the same time, the OZC Blockchain platform solution also meets the high demand for transaction processing to be able to apply Blockchain in all areas of life.

Our Coin

Creating value
for everyone

Based on a fair distribution model, limit the waste of energy and equipment such as other Blockchain platforms, OZC hopes to create a fair and decentralised ecosystem where everyone can benefit from the best, even if they are not technophiles.