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OZC Smart Chain opens a reward program for participating members to introduce new members and develop the community with 2 referral bonus programs:

1. Bonus For AirDrop OZC

- Members register for free and do not need to buy OZC ICO can still participate

- The base bonus is $0.50/member and get up to 5 levels

- If the member has purchased the OZC ICO, the number of levels received will be increased depending on the packages

- All these rewards are added to AirDrop Wallet and will be converted to OZC as soon as OZC ICO ends



2. Commission For ICO OZC

- Only available to members who purchased OZC ICO from Main Wallet with a minimum of 20.00 USD

- The commission rate is 5% of the OZC ICO purchase amount of all members from 5 to 10 levels depending on the purchased packages

- Revenues from OZC ICO purchases generated before you qualify will not be recognized and cannot be recovered. Example: If you refer 1 friend, they buy $10,000 but you still haven't bought the OZC ICO to qualify. You will not receive this commission.

- This commission is added to Main Wallet and can be withdrawn or purchased ICO OZC


OZC Smart Chain Team